Closing the curtain


      Over the last few years, JFH Photobooth has been providing a service like non-other. Those who experienced our booths found something bigger than a sleeve of pictures... magic.


Sure it's just a big box with a camera, but passing through that curtain was an opening to so much more. While wearing resplendent outfits for celebration, we walked into the booth and transformed into something amazing. We became ourselves. It didn't need silly hats or goofy glasses, just a moment in time with loved ones and a reflection on a screen. We used this enchanted moment to perform the purest magic there is and discovered who we truly are.


It honestly comes with a heavy heart that we turn off the lights and close the curtain. We loved seeing all the smiles and laughs the booth has provided. However, we feel it is time to try a new adventure. Taking what we have learned and discovering a new way to experience the joys of life.


From all of us at JFH Photobooths, we wish you all the very best and many more magical moments to come.



With love,

   Jennifer Fournier